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Day Trader Workstation

The Daytrader Workstation is a JAVA applet that enhances the functionality of the Live Ticker through the use of a managed multi-window display within an overall virtual desktop. Like the Live Ticker, the Daytrader Workstation provides streaming real-time quotes & trades, streaming market depth and streaming news headlines, along with live portfolio and transaction views.

Market depth details may include depth-by-price, depth-by-order, or Level-II, Histogram, as applicable. Alarms may be set for price, volume, trades, bid/ask, new high/low, and other factors. Stockwatch features such as the Stock Scanner and dynamic Intraday and Historical Charts may also be launched from within the Daytrader Workstation.

The multi-window format makes the Daytrader Workstation much more powerful, more convenient and easier to use than the Live Ticker for active traders with complex information display requirements.

Among many advanced features, the Daytrader Workstation will save the current window configuration and user preferences, allowing the same display to be instantly restored the next time the Daytrader Workstation is invoked. For daily users this vastly simplifies and accelerates the process of getting organized at the beginning of each trading day.