Stockwatch Products & Services

Free Trial Subscription for 30 Days

Stockwatch offers 30-day free trial subscriptions at the Starter level. 

Free trial subscriptions can be upgraded at any time to any of the paid Subscription Levels in order to access all of the features offered.  See How to Subscribe for details.

Starter Level, Daily Usage

Some website functions are restricted for Starter and Trial subscriptions. There is a daily usage limitation for these functions, which have a per-query "price" associated with them. There is a total amount of daily credit you can spend on these functions. Note there is never an actual charge made to you. If you run out of credit, you will get an error message, and you will not be able to use these functions again until the next day.

The daily credit for the Starter subscription is $10.00. The daily credit for a Trial subscription is $3.00. All other subscriptions do not have a daily limit.

  - Trade workstation query $0.50
  - Read bulletin older than one year $0.20
  - Download daily quotes, older than one week, per exchange $0.20
  - Download quotes for one symbol, per year $0.20
  - Display company participants $0.20
  - Display company participant individual roles $0.20