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Five Subscription Levels

Stockwatch services are available by subscription and five different Subscription Levels are currently available: Starter, Intermediate, Trader, Daytrader and Maximum.  Stockwatch offers 30-day free trial subscriptions at the Starter level.

Both Professional or Non-Professional

Stockwatch Price Lists are available in versions for both Non-Professional and Professional users, and in United States Dollars (USD) or Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Users are generally classified as Professional if they use Stockwatch on behalf of a company or other organization, or in any other commercial or professional capacity.

Most people who use Stockwatch for their individual personal use are classified as Non-Professionals. Please refer to the Price Lists for further information on the distinction between Non-Professional and Professional use.

Choose your Billing Dollars - USD or CAD Accounts

  • Non-Professional Price List   (USD)   (CAD)
  • Professional Price List           (USD)   (CAD)

Companion Products

Companion Products are offered through third-party vendors in cooperation with Stockwatch.