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Quick Quotes

Get detailed quotes for up to 20 symbols including bid/ask, change (dollar value/percent), volume (quantity/dollar value), trades (quantity), day open/high/low, year high/low, last trade date/time and last news date. Quotes are available from both U.S. (NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, OTCBB, Pink Sheets) and Canadian (TSX, TSX-V, MX, CNSX) sources.

Close History

 Download daily close data by date and exchange, or by symbol and exchange. Supported formats include ASCII, Metastock, Windows on Wall Street, 20/20, Quicken and others.

Short History

Display the current and historical short positions for any given stock trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) or TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V). Short position reports are issued semi-monthly. Current short positions are also available by exchange, see Analytics - Short Positions.

Symbol Search

Search for symbols by region (US, Canada), type (equity, index, option, future) and name or symbol text.

Company Search

Search for companies by name or symbol text, region (US, Canada), and trading status (Public, Public-Active, Public-Defunct, Private).


Display US or Canadian equity option quotes including expiry month, strike price, call/put, bid/ask, open interest, last price, change volume, trades, day high/low, last trade date/time and last quote date/time. You can view the entire option chain for an underlying equity.

Candeal Bonds

Display Candeal bond quotes - Federal, Provincial or Corporate, including coupon rate, maturity, bid, ask, bid yield and ask yield.