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Quote Display

Bring your company's website to life with live market data

With a Stockwatch data feed, you can bring your Company's own real-time market data to your website!  For a low monthly fee, you can connect with Stockwatch and seamlessly integrate your vital trading information into the look and feel of your own Web site!

The Power of the Quote

  • Delivers the power to provide dynamic quotes, charts, filings, news and disclosure tools to your customers and shareholders
  • Cost-effective, allows you to provide all these things at a fraction of the cost of traditional internal methods
  • Seamlessly integrates into any new or existing website
  • Complete control over individual elements of your investor website
  • Builds your brand and achieving recognition in the investment community

What will $100 a month will get you?

Quote-related information available for query, includes:

  • company symbol
  • last trade price
  • last price change since previous day's close
  • total shares traded
  • best bid price
  • best ask price
  • number of shares on bid
  • number of shares on ask
  • open price
  • today's high price
  • today's low price
  • number of trades
  • dollar value of trades in hundreds
  • last change in bid price
  • halt code
  • price earnings ratio
  • dividend yield per share in per cent
  • highest trade price in the last year
  • lowest trade price in the last year
  • last trade time (Eastern Time)
  • last news time (Pacific Time)
  • and previous close price

Non-quote information available for query, includes:

  • shares outstanding
  • yearly earnings per share
  • price earnings ratio
  • annual dividends
  • annual dividends per share
  • dividend yield in per cent
  • most recent ex dividend date
  • and dividend ratio in percent

Why pick Stockwatch?

  • We cost less than our competitors.
  • We have reliable, fast-serving data.
  • There are no setup fees! $100 a month (+ taxes) for a Stockwatch annual XML Quote service. 
    That's it!
  • Completely customizable!  Show your stock information the way you want it.