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How do I connect to the internet when I'm travelling with my BlackBerry®?

BlackBerry phones connect to the internet through different gateways depending on your phone carrier. The connection gateway is called an APN (Access Point Name). The Stockwatch Ticker automatically connects and works with Rogers and Telus networks in Canada.

In Canada, Bell uses the APN "" and Rogers uses "". Other APN values can be found on the internet with a Google search, or by contacting your carrier's customer support.

In general, if you can load a web page onto your phone browser, the Stockwatch Ticker will work.

When travelling, you may need to change your APN connection settings in order to use the Stockwatch Ticker.

Setting the APN Connection

To set the APN on your BlackBerry:

  1. Start the Options tool from your Applications.
  2. Choose Advanced Options.
  3. Choose TCP or TCP/IP.
  4. From here, you can enable (or disable) the APN Settings and enter the APN. Some networks require a username and password as well, but most do not.

To set the APN through the Stockwatch Ticker (if the above method does not work):

  1. Start the Stockwatch Ticker application.
  2. Choose Login Settings from the menu.
  3. On the Login page choose Network Options. Normally the connection type is set to Auto.
  4. If Auto is not working, choose TCP/IP and enter the APN and (if required) the APN username and APN password.

Connection Problems?

  • The "Login Failed" message usually means that the ticker program was unable to connect over the Internet to our server. If your user name and password are incorrect, it will produce a message that displays those values. Check your password and user name.
  • "Connection failed no message" means that a TCP connection could not be established. This is usually an APN problem.
  • "No Coverage, ticker will not run" indicates that your phone does not have data coverage at this time. The Ticker will not run until data coverage can be re-established.

Need Help?

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